While you were out, we made you a magazine

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And it's amazing. A more accurate title for this post would be something like "Libre Graphics Magazine issue 1.1 now available," but that lacks an element of fun.

If you haven't been looking for the last three months, you may not have noticed that something really neat was happening. That something really neat is called Libre Graphics Magazine (although the official title, for the benefit of those wishing to look it up in WorldCat or something, is just Libre Graphics, or by numbers, ISSN 1925-1416 Libre Graphics (Print) and ISSN 1925-1424 Libre Graphics (Online), something I'm still very excited about.) and it is, as the title might suggest, a magazine devoted to Free/Libre Open Source Software art, design and graphics.

So we've finished it. That we is Ana Carvalho, Ricardo Lafuente and myself. And frankly, we're pretty damn proud of what we've managed to do. So I invite you to take a look at it. It's available in PDF in two different levels of quality, as well as for sale at the minimal price of $12(CAD) for this issue, $45 (CAD) for an annual subscription (that's four issues) or $100 (CAD) for a supporter subscription. You can find the downloads and the purchasing options at libregraphicsmag.com.

Below, some pictures of my favourite bits.


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