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There's a great big project that's been occupying my time for the last few months. I'm doing the preliminary work on the development of an Open Colour Standard (previously mentioned on this blog as OCI). The idea is to give Pantone a bit of a run for its money in the colour matching business. I think this is an area where community involvement and openness would be a huge asset. In the spirit of "release early, release often," here's a link to what I've been working on. At the moment, it updates far more regularly than this blog does.

Building an Open Colour Standard

White tissue boxes

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I had a cold recently. The box of tissue is still on my table. It doesn't match the rest of my kitchen or even look interesting. Being the customizing sort, an idea has occurred to me: white tissue boxes made of uncoated cardboard. A white tissue box with a slightly less slick texture would make an ideal canvas. Ship them with crayons and you've got the perfect sick day activity.

RFID in Montreal

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Here's some linkage to one of the things I've been busy with. The STM's OPUS card is unsafe and unsound (The Link)
And for your enjoyment, the ever so pretty picture I did to go with the article.

Hipster Shoes Mk II

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An updated version of my clipart-y shoes: