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Lasers, logos and PPACs

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That's laser cutters, round logos and Public-Private-Academic Consortiums, to be precise. In specific, DDiMIT, the PPAC run by my ever-awesome and always busy thesis supervisor. This particular (and particularly cool) space/thing happens to be my current workplace. It also happens to be a place where, because I love the laser, all our promotional materials are laser cut. Below, the classy new brochure I just finished yesterday.


Another talk about Open Colour

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20110312_013.jpgAt Libre Graphics Meeting this year, I delivered what I think of as a eulogy for the Open Colour Standard. As I finish the round of work that I've been doing on it for the last two years, it's worth looking at what the issues with the research and development of a grassroots physical colour standard have been. With a pile of new and exciting responsibilities on my plate, and a new research direction, I don't see Open Colour going very far in the next four years or so, unless someone else does the moving on it. So, linked here, the video of my eulogy for Open Colour.

That would be kind of great, since the breakage has prevented me from blogging for the last few months. And since I'm too lazy to actually figure out what the breakage is. Let's see!

EDIT: Oh hey, look at that. Neat.