February 2010 Archives

Bow tie

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To go with all the previous illustrations of dresses (such as this, this, this and this), I've done something that nods towards male formal wear. Below, a bow tie.

OPEN, colour

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The title, I will admit, is slightly misleading. This post has nothing to do with Open Colour in the sense of the Open Colour Standard. This time, it's literal. Having come to the realization that everything I've posted in the last little while has been greyscale, I've decided to remedy the problem. With a neon sign that I drew a while back.

Making the TTC map classy

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I love a good subway map. And I find it interesting how different subway maps are from street maps. Below, an experiment in doing a subway map (the Toronto Transit Commission map, to be precise) in my own particular street map style.

Wind turbine

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Below: a silhoutte of a wind turbine. This one is destined to be a stencil, which is why it forgoes detail and shading.

NATO Phonetic Alphabet Book: S-T

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Continuing on with the NATO Phonetic Alphabet Book (see previous post), I present to you the letters S and T.

Bison bison

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It's Bison bison, the Bovidae so nice, they named it twice. Below, a greyscale, logo-style bison.