I drew you a pretentious doucherocket

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The daily illustration this afternoon is one near and dear to my heart. Yesterday, something cool happened. The interview that TheSilentNumber did with the Libre Graphics magazine editorial team (including me) got a mention on Slashdot. Which is super cool, because it did great things for our download numbers. I did a little skim of the comments on the Slashdot post and found something incredibly amusing. One commenter described me as a "pretentious doucherocket." Clearly, this is the best insult ever. I'm in love. So I've decided to own it. Last night, I issued a challenge to draw a pretentious doucherocket. My incredibly awesome friend and colleague M-E came through beautifully (this one and this one are the best). Now, my last act of silliness before actually getting down to some serious work is the below drawing of a pretentious doucherocket. As ever, the drawing is available on OCAL.

Pretentious doucherocket can get away with mustard yellow because it has confidence that a resurgence in the popularity of colour palettes from the early '60s will probably take a few years to trickle down.


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