August 2011 Archives

I procrastinated you a ladybug

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I'm supposed to be working on a lot of something elses at the moment. So here's a ladybug, not one of the things I actually need to get done.


Wheat, my delicious nemesis

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An antelope, for information cred

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It's been brought to my attention that my website and blog fail to properly indicate the place of Information in my life. It's a pretty big place, really. Come September, I'll be working on a PhD in Critical Information Studies. Which I suppose makes Information my work. So, to remedy the lack of representation, I've drawn an antelope (as in Buckland).


Charting anger level by noises

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I'm currently reading a book that makes me rather unusually angry. It's about categorization. Go figure. Catching myself making grumbling noises, I thought I'd do up a handy chart for determining where on the angry scale I am, based on the current noise. Below.