Three thoughts about teeth whitening ads

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I'll admit that I am generally bothered by dodgy work-from-home and beauty tip ads on the internet, or elsewhere. However, the three below are exciting examples of their type.

DermatologistCabalScreenshot-1.png Three things about these ads:
1. Nice use of my IP address to target me, personally. Why yes, I am Canadian. That could be me!

2. Not quite nice enough use of my IP address to target me, personally. As of right now, I'm in Quebec, with a clearly Montreal-based IP address. Ad number three makes reference specifically to a "Toronto Mom's" exciting dermatological breakthroughs. That localization just plain isn't good enough. One tenth of Canadians, roughly, live in Toronto. The other nine tenths tend to not be fans of that Torontonian tenth. We have a pretty serious urban-rural divide, as well as a hefty East-West divide in this country. Or, in my particular case, the Ontario-Quebec divide. In Montreal, there's a two in three chance that my first language will be French, a very good chance that I'll support the Habs and a pretty reasonable chance that I might just refer to the rest of the country as "Canada," as if I wasn't exactly a part of it. Never mind, for a moment, that I'm an Anglophone, Senators-supporting Ontario kid. Breaking out a "Toronto Mom" to a Montrealer as a selling point is probably not the best idea.

3. But this bit is most important. Ads one and three give a clear indication of some shady cabal of medical practitioners which DOES NOT want us to know how to make ourselves look prettier, younger, whatever, with cheap tricks from the internet. I really love the idea of a group of dermatologists or dentists, at a meeting, plotting about raising the prices of teeth whitening or skin treatments and loudly bemoaning the fact that their secrets are getting out. I wish that existed. They could be like incredibly prosaic Bond villains.

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