Coffee wastage

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Today, while lingering over an expensive but consistent tea, I got to thinking about those little drains in the service area at Starbucks, next to where they keep the lids and sugar. The drains exist to drink up unwanted coffee, when someone gets a full cup but wants to add milk. Pour out a couple centimetres of your coffee, replace from the insulted milk or sugar jug. I'm wondering, given that these things are a standard feature, just how much wasted coffee they absorb, globally, on a daily basis. It must be loads.

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Hey Ginger,

I wondered about this, too. Wouldn't it be better for them to ask if I want to put in milk and if it's ok to not fill up the cup. Then the coffee is no waste and the coffee place is able to make more money from the same amount of coffee.

Would be a win-win situation for Starbucks and the environment (and these are rare these days).


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