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A stub on the naturalization of mixed case

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I'm writing something at the moment about why I don't capitalize my name. More on that little project soon. For the time being, a bit that I don't think will make it to the final version, but which I like enough to at least post here.

It's fascinating the way we naturalize mixed case names. Of all the government-issued ID I own, not a single piece shows my name in mixed case. All of those pieces of identification render my name all upper case. Based on the official registration of my name, there's a stronger case to be made for my name being GINGER COONS than Ginger Coons. Initial capitals are just a matter of convention.

If I turned my website into a taxonomy...

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ginger "all-lower-case" coons (a taxonomy)
    A. Writing
        A.0 PERSONAL
            - Blog
            - Twitter
            - Other
        A.1 ACADEMIC
            - Blog
            - Papers
            - Abstracts
            - Longer works
        A.2 OTHER
            - Libre Graphics magazine
            - Other

    B. Talking
        B.0 ART & DESIGN
            - About Libre Graphics magazine
            - About other projects
        B.1 ACADEMIC
            - Recorded talks
            - Slide decks
            - Workshop documentation

    C. Art & Design Work
            - Images of illustrations
            - Source files
        C.2 OTHER

    D. Contact Information
        D.0 EMAIL
            - General: ginger@adaptstudio.ca
            - Academic: ginger.coons@utoronto.ca
        D.1 SOCIAL MEDIA
            - Twitter: @ossington