The project aims to move forward as follows: colours will be defined in a number of different media. The first media in development are screen printed paper, FD&C dyes and ink for commercial scale printing.

The process for developing an OCS colour is, ideally, as follows: a colour developer mixes a colour in the medium of her choice, taking special care to get accurate weight measurements for the pigment used. She then applies the mixed colour to the appropriate carrier medium. She records the specifications of the medium. If the colour needs time to dry, she waits for it to dry fully. She then takes the RGB hex code of the colour, using a properly calibrated RGB sensor. She specifies a code for the colour, based on the proportions of component colours. The name communicates which colours were used, as well as how many parts of each (eg: C3K2). She then posts all of this information, RGB hex code, colour name, detailed mixing instructions and carrier medium, as a colour on the OCS website. The colour can then be mixed and used by others, as well as added to swatch collections.

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