Big bibliography: Global expansion or global equilibrium?

Margolin, V. (July 01, 1996). Global Expansion or Global Equilibrium? Design and the World Situation. Design Issues, 12, 2, 22-32.

Project: Values in Design workshop 2012

Keywords: problematique; expansion; equilibrium; ecology; fourth order design

Format: Journal article

Abstract: None.

Key points: one facet of constant consumption is the desire to constantly improve products. This manifests itself in specialty markets like high-end home audio and cycling products, which are constantly striving for technological improvement. "Design is the activity that generates plans, projects, and products" (31)

Key concepts: wicked problem (problems and consequences which are confusing, convoluted and excessively hard to deal with); constructing world models which are able to enlighten problem areas; the birth of the problem statement (in Forrester's //The Limits to Growth//); fourth domain design (what I would think of as ecological or systems-oriented design); the equilibrium model v. the expansion model; aspirational models of consumption; conspicuous consumption; social innovation;

Entities: Club of Rome; United Nations; manufacturers; designers

Date this entry was written: 25/July/2012